Kathryn Woodard has published articles on a number of topics. Here are descriptions of her research along with links to full articles.  


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Links to sheet music edited and arranged by Kathryn Woodard are also listed below.


"Music in the Ottoman Imperial Harem and The Life of Composer Leyla Saz" by Kathryn Woodard


Sheds light on the introduction of Western music to the Ottoman palace in the nineteenth century and on the access women had to education in the Imperial harem. Relies on the memoirs of Leyla Saz, a prominent composer of Ottoman music who was raised in the palace. Discusses two of her works, one in Ottoman song form and the other a Western march but with the use of Turkish modes. Audio examples are here. Arrangements for chamber wind ensemble and concert band of the Victory March are available for purchase here


Archival photo of Leyla Saz at the piano (Istanbul) 

Kathryn Woodard performs her piano arrangement of Saz's "Victory March"


We publish several arrangements of Saz's "Victory March." 

Visit the Sheet Music page for a full list of our titles with links to purchase.

*For an important additional commentary about Saz's Victory March, please consult the blog (entry - July 25). 


Whether discussing Leyla Saz's March from 1908, or Saygun's works from 1934 and later (see below), or performing U.C. Erkin's pieces from 1931, this interactive map is an excellent illustration of the transition that occurred in Turkey in the early twentieth century.



An additional resource is this 3-page introduction to Bela Bartok's folk music research in Turkey. Bartok-Turkish_Folk_Music_Research.pdf  It describes how Bartok came to travel to Turkey in 1936 and the aims of his research. For samples from the field recordings click here (Scroll to 'Bartok:Turkish Folk Music')

For additional information about Ulvi Cemal Erkin, the composer of "Aegean Spring" who accompanied Bartok on his fieldwork trip, please visit www.ulvicemalerkin.com


"Music Mediating Politics in Turkey: The Case of Ahmed Adnan Saygun" CSSAAME-Saygun.pdf

Discusses Saygun's role as a cultural figurehead in Turkey and analyzes high-profile performances of two major works, Özsoy (an opera) and the Yunus Emre Oratorio (at the U.N. and Vatican), as a means for establishing political alliances for the Turkish Republic. Audio examples are here.


Archival photo of Bela Bartok & Adnan Saygun in Osmaniye (Turkey) on a fieldwork trip


"Evoking Traditional Sounds Through Timbral Innovations: Works by John Cage, GE Gan-ru, Franghiz Ali-Zadeh and Kathryn Woodard" Spectral_lecture-_Evoking_Traditional_Sounds.pdf  Sheet music for Spiritual Gathering available here.

A lecture-recital presented at the Spectral World Music Conference in Istanbul, 2003, and published in the conference proceedings, 2007. (Click here for information from the publisher.) Audio examples are preceded by the word "Spectral" on the Research Audio page.



"The Pianist's Body at Work: Sound and Meaning in Frederic Rzewski's Winnsboro Cotton Mill Blues" Rzewski.pdf

Discusses Rzewski's varied settings of the industrial folk song and his interpretation of the song's lyrics through sound mimesis, specifically hand and forearm clusters, which evoke the sound of a cotton mill. This extended passage also provides a physical representation and identification with the song's lyrics on the part of the pianist - making him/her the protagonist of Rzewski's setting of the song. Audio examples (by Seeger and Rzewski) are here.



In addition to her own compositions, Kathryn Woodard publishes a series of sheet music titles in cooperation with the publisher Sonic Crossroads. They are available as digital downloads through SheetMusicPlus.com.

Titles include arrangements of traditional melodies, newly edited scores by prominent composers, and otherwise unavailable works culled from archives. Some titles have complete audio available on this site. (New links to video and audio will be available soon. If not all links are 'live,' they are being updated.)

Ensemble scores

Links here are for ensemble titles, both large and small, and available as digital downloads. Each link provides a preview of the score at the SheetMusicPlus.com site. Some also have audio previews.


Arrangements of selected Turkish piano pieces:

Aegean Spring (full score) by Ulvi Cemal Erkin (arr. for orchestra) Part are available for rental.

I. Lively Dance

II. Village Dance

III. Folk Song (Aglama, Yar, Aglama)

IV. Zeybek

(Instrumentation for Aegean Spring is 2 fl, 2 ob, 2 cl, 2 bsn, 2 hn, tpt, tn, eu, tb, tp, strings - with optional frame drum solo)


Anatolian Sketches  by Ulvi Cemal Erkin

Arranged for string orchestra - Listen to a reading here

Prelude and Fugue in B-flat Minor by J.S. Bach

Arranged for 5-part clarinet choir 

Prelude and Fugue in F-sharp Minor by Dmitri Shostakovich

Arranged for two A clarinets and bassoon

Prelude and Fugue No. 8 by Dmitri Shostakovich

The same prelude and fugue as above, transposed to G Minor and arranged for two B-flat clarinets and bass clarinet (or bassoon)

Turkish Suite by Hasan Ferit Alnar 

Arrangement of Eight Piano Pieces (1935) for woodwind quintet

Victory March by Leyla Saz arranged for chamber wind ensemble (14 players) 

Victory March by Leyla Saz arranged for strings (orchestra or quintet) Listen to a reading here

Victory March by Leyla Saz arranged for woodwind quintet

Victory March by Leyla Saz arranged for brass quintet

Victory March by Leyla Saz arranged for Concert Band 

Watch a performance of the concert band arrangement here


Solo scores

 Links here include works for solo piano as well as solo instrument with piano accompaniment available as digital downloads. Each link provides a preview of the score at the SheetMusicPlus.com site. Most also include an audio preview.

Anthology of Turkish Piano Music, Vol. I (Elementary) is now available as a digital download! ($8.95)

View videos of each selection here

Anthology of Turkish Piano Music, Vol. II (Intermediate) ($10.95)

View videos of each selection here

Anthology of Turkish Piano Music, Vol. III (Advanced) ($12.95)

View videos of each selection here



(Several individual pieces are featured in the Anthology of Turkish Piano Music - see above)

Ten Piano Pieces by Necil Kazim Akses

Eight Piano Pieces by Hasan Ferit Alnar - Listen to audio samples here or in the audio player

Turkish Dance Suite by Hasan Ferit Alnar 

Three Abstract Dances by Ilhan Baran 

Three Bagatelles by Ilhan Baran (coming soon!)

Two-voice Sonatinas by Ilhan Baran (coming soon!)

Little Suite by Ilhan Baran (Select pieces can be heard in the audio player)

Children's Pieces by Ilhan Baran (Listen to audio of each piece here)

Children's Pieces (four-hand arrangement) by Ilhan Baran

Black and White by Ilhan Baran (Listen to audio samples here)

Summer in the World by Ivan Bozicevic (harpsichord or piano)

Five Drops by Ulvi Cemal Erkin (Listen to audio samples here or in the audio player)

Impressions by Ulvi Cemal Erkin (Listen to samples in the audio player)

Piano Sonata (1946) by Ulvi Cemal Erkin

Diary of a Madman by Pavel Kopecky

Dialects No. 1 by Gyimah Labi

Dialects No. 2 by Gyimah Labi

Dialects No. 3 by Gyimah Labi

Dialects No. 4 by Gyimah Labi 

Dialects No. 5 by Gyimah Labi 

Parvaneh (Butterfly) by E. Melik-Aslanian (This title is currently unavailable for sale. SheetMusicPlus is very helpful in arranging international copyrights. However, for this title it was not possible. We provide the link so that those interested know that the piece exists.)

22 Pieces (for right hand alone) by Ilhan Mimarolgu 

Bagatelles by Ilhan Mimaroglu

From the Other Diary by Ilhan Mimaroglu

Monologue IV (for right hand alone) by Ilhan Mimaroglu

Rosa by Ilhan Mimaroglu

Three Piano Pieces by Ilhan Mimaroglu

Turkish Scenes by Cemal Resit Rey

Ten Turkish Folk Songs by Cemal Resit Rey

Inci's Book, Op. 10 by A. Adnan Saygun (The complete set can be heard in the audio player)

Theme and Variations by A. Adnan Saygun (Listen to a performance here)

Three Short Piano Pieces by Alan Sentman

Seven Poems by Kosaku Yamada (Listen to audio samples here or in the audio player - currently unavailable for sale)

Victory March by Leyla Saz (piano version; also included in the Anthology, Vol. II - see above)

Royal Portraits by Kathryn Woodard (Four pieces based on historical figures for the advanced intermediate player)

Ancient Omens by Kathryn Woodard (Three intermediate-level pieces)

Creepy Suite by Kathryn Woodard (Six short pieces for elementary to intermediate level students)




Sonata for Flute and Piano by Necil Kazim Akses

Canto de la ave rapiega (for cello and piano) by Ivan Bozicevic

Die Rose von Stambul by Leo Fall (operetta vocal score)

Sivas Düz Halayi (Turkish folk song for Baritone and Piano) by A. Adnan Saygun

Victory March (for solo treble instrument) by Leyla Saz

Three Sonatinas for Clarinet and Piano by Ilhan Usmanbas

Budapest 1919 (Three songs for high voice, B-flat tpt or cl, piano) by Kathryn Woodard




Mid-America Freedom Band under the direction of Lee Hartman will perform "Victory March" by Leyla Saz/(Woodard), March 1, 2020 in Kansas City, MO


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