Glimmer (2010)

SpliThesis of Croatia
by Kathryn Woodard


Glimmer was inspired by the poem by Anne Sexton, The Fury of Rain Storms, and a key phrase in it, “Light up the Cave,” as an intervention for depression. The “glimmer” of dissonances, harmonics, bowed crotales, etc. is intended to represent the first “light in the cave.” The piece then unfolds with longer phrases and more activity, but the theme of shimmering light is held throughout with recurring gestures. The score implies a basic pulse, but the meterless scoring leaves room for a freer interpretation of timing based on responses among the players.  

View/download the score here - GLIMMER_5P_12_19_2010_KW.pdf


Listen to a reading of Budapest 1919 for soprano, trumpet and piano

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